50 per cent of total lighting market to be LEDs by 2015: Philips


Philips, the electronics major, has come out with their new innovation, ‘LED Diya’, to light up the living rooms of Indian customers. By the introduction of this new product in the LED light category, Philips India is expecting LEDs to have a market share of 50 per cent of total lighting market by 2015.

Lighting business contributes to more than half of the overall revenue of Philips India. By the end of March 2012, the overall revenues of Philips India from the business stood at Rs. 5,579 crore. The company is considering India as its primary target market, since they are extremely confident on its growing market potential.

LED Diya developed in India is being launched in the market with a lot of attractive features. We can touch or handle the product safely as it discharges no flame or smoke. Eye-catching design with natural candle light effect is the highlight of this product.

Diya is quite easy to handle and suspend. Simply blowing the light will make it on/off. The warm white color emitted by LED Diya, facilitates us to view things in the same way as they would appear in the day light. This LED light has got 2 years manufacturer warranty as well.

Philip’s Diya is powered by 1×0.24W & 3V high quality LEDs by which it can offer a real candle light effect. Dimension of the product is about 86x86x98 mm. Other major attraction of this battery operated LED candle light is, it can be operated for long hours.

The entry level price for the product is fixed at Rs. 1,199/-.  They expect that very soon compact fluorescent lamps will be replaced by LED lamps. They estimate that by 2015, 50% of the total lighting market will be LEDs. In fact, Philips LED lighting business is growing by 51% a year where as the overall lighting business has grown only by 4%.


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