A growing number of investors continue to choose silver as an investment asset. Some of them have invested in cryptocurrencies in the past and have seen their investments grow over time, despite the turmoil the cryptographic space has witnessed over the years. As the second-largest currency in the world on the market, Ethereum proved to be an excellent choice to spend over 5 years.

According to data provided by BlockArabia.com, the $1,000 invested in Ethereum over the past five years is about $195,000 in total today, generating 19,400% revenue.

The price of Ethereum has increased 195 times since July 2016

As the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin, Ethereum opened on July 30, 2015, and priced at $ 0.75. At the end of July of the new year, its price increased by 1,500%, making it a successful venture.

Assuming the trader bought $ 1,000 at ETH on July 20, 2016, he would have picked up 83 coins worth about $ 12. Three years later, in January 2018, the stock increased. Ethereum priced at $ 1,396, changing the $ 1,000 funded to $ 115,800.

After falling prices in subsequent months and throughout 2019, the price of ETH fell again in 2020, when the entire market of brands exploded in the COVID-19. Between January and December 2020, the price of ETH increased 411%, from $ 144 to $ 737.

However, after massive performance throughout the year, the price of Ethereum exploded in 2021. Between January and March, it rose nearly 150% to over $1,800 and continues to climb. On May 12th, it dropped to a high of $4,297, bringing the collection from $1,000 to $356,650.

Although ETH’s price has fallen to its lowest level in two months, hitting $2,347 this week, it’s still 195 higher than its price since July 2016.

The head of the Ethereum market grew by 233% YTD, 7 times higher than Bitcoin

Since the beginning of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, Ethereum and Bitcoin have been the most digital currencies in the cryptography space. However, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum’s market capitalization increased in 2021, despite the recent collapse in cryptocurrency prices.

After a remarkable performance over the past year, Ethereum’s market capitalization has increased more than 400% in the five months of 2021, from about $84 billion in January to $442 billion in May.

After the collapse of cryptographic prices, Ethereum’s market capitalization halved in just three weeks, reaching $222 billion in the third week of May.

CoinMarket’s ceiling data, that number rose to $274.5 billion this week. While significantly lower than the all-time high in May, this is still an impressive 233% year-to-date increase, seven times the Bitcoin growth rate.

Statistics also show that ETH was the third-largest cryptocurrency trader in the past 30 days, with a monthly trading volume of $517.8 billion.

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