‘A doll can help change the world ‘ campaign by iconic doll


“It’s the iconic doll brand’s new campaign based on neuroscience research from Cardiff University”. If playing with dolls can help a child to develop empathy, then a doll can help change the world,’’ says Barbie.

Dr. Gerson stated that this is a completely new finding. We use this section of the brain to ponder about other people, mainly when we have thoughts of another person. Dolls support them to make their own little imaginary words, whereas problem-solving and building games can’t do this. They persuade children to think about other people and their interactions with each other.

It’s the spirit of the iconic doll brand’s new campaign, which is supported by a neuroscience study from Cardiff University (Wales, UK). They rely on playing with dolls, as it can help kids to develop essential social qualities. This barbie dolls can be created by BBH L.A, this awesome 37-second video depicts kids doing a particular task with their dolls, and a text would illustrate the societal quality they are about to introduce at this moment.

Thereafter, to collect data for their study, children’s play was divided into different sections. Through this way, the Cardiff team could monitor the brain activity regarding each other’s kind of play respectively. They evaluated how they played with their doll and with others doll. They had also checked how they played on the tablet on their own and with another person.

However, the dolls, they used to be barbie dolls and playsets. We could see here that dolls returned to starting positions before each child began their test to ensure consistency of experience. Tablet play was done using games, which allows children to engage with open and creative play.

Dr. Sarah Gregson of Cardiff University’s had stated that the Cardiff University’s child development research group recently has forged evidence. They discovered that while playing

with dolls alone, children’s brains are active in the same way as they interact with other people”.

‘’Playing with dolls can help children to practice their social interactions. Through this, they could develop empathy and social skills. These skills are important to succeed in the future in this present era. This, we believe, will bestow comfort to parents regarding their children’s social and academic development. This ‘A Doll Can Help Change the World “ campaign is an extension of the brand’s ‘You can Be Anything platform’.

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