A new e-commerce store addition to the health and nutrition sector, Hemp Kart.


A new e-commerce store addition to the health and nutrition sector HempKart is being launched to help those in need by delivering hemp and CBD-related products to their doorsteps.

The site will be available for use by 1st January. 

Entrepreneurs from the renowned Tripathi family, Krishn Anand Tripathi, Ram Anand Tripathi, and Prem Anand Tripathi.

There are a variety of products that Hemp Kart sells. From CBD products and Gummies to Pet Care products, all are available on the official website of the company i.e. Hemp Kart.

Hemp Kart aims to be known as the Swiggy or Zomato for CBD / Hemp products. Along with a quick delivery service. A variety of products from verified sellers will be available for the customers. 

Even registering as a manufacturer of the company is easy and simple. With a standard start-up process and rigorous post-verification, the manufacturers can start uploading their products on the website. 

This is a fantastic and innovative idea! to help boost the retail business in the health and nutrition industry. Ordering CBD and Hemp products are now just a few clicks away, thanks to Hemp Kart.

Hemp vs Marijuana!

•    They’re different! 

•    They’re the same species of the plant Cannabis Sativa, but the difference lies in their THC levels. 

•    THC is tetrahydrocannabinol which is “psychoactive” in nature. 

•    Hemp has less than 0.3% THC (which is not enough to give you the ‘high”), which makes it commercially legal. 

•    Whereas Marijuana is any strain of Cannabis plant having more than 0.3% THC, and THAT makes it fall under a restricted drug category.

CBD has great potential to provide benefits for physical and mental wellness. It’s a single fix for contemporary lifestyle challenges that helps with Pain relief, stress relief, sleep support, beauty and skin, impunity support, energy & focus, and much more.

Start your CBD journey today with Hempkart.com a premium e-commerce store for all Hemp & CBD products in India.