A rapper on Burger Kings whopper


The Burger King fast-food chain has had a UK rapper who is performing on the wrapper of its Burger in what is professed to be the shortest melodic performance ever.

The mid-year, summers hit ‘Whoppa’ by the rapper Tinie sounds near ‘Whopper.’ So, BK has collaborated for a melodic joint effort with Tempah.

Each client from Burger King UK needed to scan a QR code given on the Whopper’s covering.

Tinie’s miniature is showed up, and who is performing ‘Whoppa’ when they did as such, with the burger as its stage.

This was possible only by the utilization of Augmented Reality (AR), and with the help of BBH London and Dimension Studios. “Social and outdoor elements will make BBH empower the ‘Whoppa’ experience,” as per a Muse by Clio research.

The Marketing Director for Burger King, Katie Evans said, “The moment we heard about Tinie’s Whoppa song, the only dream they were having was to various innovative ways to get involved with it”. Out of all the ideas they get, the Whoppa song was the one that literally brought a smile on our faces, and we’ll are happy that through Whoppa we are able to offer our Whopper as a stage at a time when we can do it with a little joy.

Stephen de Wolf, the chief creative officer at BBH London, said: “In a world without live music, we decided to give everybody the chance to experience this exclusive performance from one of the country’s biggest rap artists, and what greater stage to do that than a Whopper. I can’t wait for the country to encounter a tiny Tinie perform his new single Whoppa on a Whopper.”

It is not the first time Burger King has hit marketing gold using AR, however. Burger King Brazil invited people to use its app to view rival advertisements for a 2019 campaign called ‘Burn The Ad.’ The ad will burn on their screens until they did (so), (with the aid of augmented reality). Then, people will see a message that they’d won a free Whopper.


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