Adbuffs Joins hands with Menoveda to amplify the popularity of the brand.

Adbuffs joins hands with Menoveda to amplify the popularity of the brand.

2nd January 2023, Adbuffs, the renowned performance marketing brand has partnered with Tamanna Singh to facilitate the growth of her brain child–Menoveda. The partnership will assist the startup in boosting their brand awareness by leveraging the distinctive marketing strategies of Adbuffs through marketing campaigns and cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Adbuffs will assist Menoveda in expanding the reach of its brand through its association. Adbuffs will help the startup in acquiring their goal to promote comprehensive knowledge in an approachable manner with their creative marketing approaches. The performance marketing agency’s intent is to assist Menoveda’s growth through the use of their strategic approaches, which include a variety of agile marketing approaches, Facebook and Google advertising, new growth channels, and sophisticated lifestyle marketing.

The D2C women-focused startup, Menoveda offers retail health and personal care items that helps women in easing their Menopausal transition journey through  ayurveda. In addition, the agency will create cutting-edge marketing methodologies for Menoveda through digital platforms that will assist “Menoveda” in expanding its reach beyond its current scope.

Commenting On the collaboration with Menoveda, the co-founder & Director of Adbuffs, Ramasish Bhowmik said,  “In today’s era, one cannot effectively use a single marketing plan to generate qualified leads for one’s business website and expand business clientele for their company. Any unique and diverse business requires distinctive strategies that fit to the company’s objective standards. Working with individuals who possess no concept of how to run ads profitably would be a complete waste of time and money for an e-commerce startup. With the aim of giving our clients the greatest solutions to get results and grow their businesses, we at Adbuffs prioritize brand scaling through originality and targeted marketing strategies. With this partnership, we’re assisting Menoveda in expanding their revenue as well as developing their business to a new level.”


On the successful tie up with the agency, Ms.Tamanna Singh, the founder of ‘Menoveda’, Said, “We are delighted with our association  with Adbuffs. In our brand

awareness marketing journey, Adbuffs will assist us to reach our target demographic and audience with their out-of-the box ideas that can drive exceptional value.”

When you cannot convince individuals to acknowledge the problems before offering a solution, business is ineffective. Being a female-centric e-commerce company, we place a greater emphasis on brand awareness to help customers associate with their significant issues and find an ayurvedic solution through our services. Menopause is not a condition that should be disregarded; rather, it calls for meaningful discussions. With our mission to convey comprehensive understanding in an approachable way.”