Adgcraft wins the PR mandate for Mega Expo 2022


Public relations for Ace Exhibitions, an Indian exhibitor based in New Delhi, will be handled by the well-known communication agency Adgcraft.

The India Industrial Manufacturing Mega Expo and Mega Green Vehicle & Smart Mobility Show will be held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from September 7th to 9th by Ace Exhibitions. This event will bring together industrial exhibitors and purchasers.

Industry leaders will present their most recent goods, inventions, and plans for the future on this platform in front of the general audience. Adgcraft has agreed to be Mega Expo 2022’s official public relations partner as part of this arrangement. Both Adgcraft’s strategic communications management expertise and recommendations for enhancing the exhibition are included in this cooperation agreement. Adgcraft’s role as a marketing and public relations agency allows it to help companies expand their brands, find answers to unexpected problems, and strengthen their overall position. Additionally, Adgcraft is able to adapt to its customers’ needs. “This country needs a boost for the MSME sector, and we hope to contribute to India’s rising MSME industry through this expo, and having Adgcraft as a communication partner for Mega Expo 2022 would help us achieve that goal more efficiently.” Adgcraft’s Managing Director, Abhinay Kumar Singh, remarked, “MSME is a constantly rising sector that deserves everyone’s attention.” I appreciate the huge effort to help this industry that ACE Exhibitions and Mr. Anupreet Singh have put in,” Mr. Singh said warmly. As the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market grows, it necessitates continual monitoring. Adgcraft is glad to provide Ace Exhibitions Mega Expo 2022 the most successful media methods. Mega Expo 2022 will serve as a global venue for exhibitors from all parts of the industrial ecosystem. Adgcraft is in charge of planning and executing these events. In both Noida and Lucknow, Adgcraft has a presence. Over the course of one year, this agency was responsible for the administration of more than fifty brands in a wide range of industries ranging from start-ups to lifestyle to health to logistics to real estate.

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