Adobe Updates AI-powered Marketing Software


Artificial Intelligence has been used in many ways to leverage the business operations and most importantly to enhance the customer experience. Digital Marketing is the current trend to reach out to customers quickly. Adobe has realized its potential and powered its marketing software with Artificial Intelligence to boost up marketing.

Adobe, an American multinational computer software company is well recognized and eminent for its operations in multimedia and creativity software products. Some of its popular products include Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Reader, Portable Document Format, Adobe Creative Cloud. Despite innovating exciting software products, it has recently pivoted its operations towards digital marketing software. To scale up further, Adobe added a new set of AI tools into its digital marketing software.

Earlier, Adobe introduces the Intelligent Service suite which helps companies to know more about their customer preferences. But handling the humongous data to arrive at personalization becomes a tedious task. In order to lessen the time-consuming process, Adobe has introduced AI. It also smartly placed the AI inside the system thus reducing the need to export data. Adobe works on the lines of integrating Artificial Intelligence into digital marketing software. This integration helps marketers to enhance their marketing strategies and campaigns. Further personalization of customers will be achieved to a greater extend.

The AI software helps businesses to choose the appropriate images and content from humongous alternatives to show it their potential target customers. It also assists in labeling product images by identifying its color and shape. It also uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the subject of the article by simply reading through it. In order to smoothen the process, the Adobe Experience Cloud solution utilizes AI. This combo brings art and content together hence enabling content and data to work together without any difficulties.

It is a great opportunity for brands to leverage their knowledge of customer behavior. Adobe’s Real-time Customer Data Protocol (CDP) helps to analyze both past and real-time data to identify the underlying reasons associated with customer actions. In simple terms, Customer AI with Real-time CDP assists in understanding customer propensity and tweak their marketing strategies accordingly.


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