Ads in Asia Cup’22 recorded a 50% hike compared to Asia Cup’16: TAM


TAM Sports, a Mumbai-based Indian private sports analyst brand, in its latest analysis of the advertisement recently concluded that indexed ads in Asia Cup 2022 have grown up by well over 50% in volumes compared to the Asia Cup 2016. Consequently, the numbers are not as impressive as it has been back in 2018, as the growth of indexed ad has dipped around 35% in volumes this year compared to 2018. The main reason for this decline is because of covid 19 economic loss to the companies. 

It is observed that the India-Pakistan matches, regardless of the group have the highest percentage share among all Asia Cup matches. Companies usually try to put ads in between xmatches. This year on Hotstar, the recorded highest view was above 1 cr.

Surprisingly, the top 5 categories contributed the maximum to the advertising. The combined range of the top 5 categories are ranging up to 49% share during the Asia Cups. This kind of business pattern has been observed in the Asia Cup of 2016, and 2018 as well. E-com Gaming topped the chart in Asia Cup 2022, followed by Pan Masala, Perfumes or Deodorants, mid-range smartphones, and soft drinks. Pan Masala was top on the list of advertisers during the last few Asia Cups, not surprisingly it continues its legacy in the current one. There was 20+ more exclusive categories during Asia Cup 2022 compared to the previous two Asia Cups.

A noticeable fact is that, among the advertisers, Vini Product tops the Asia Cups with T20 Format.

Among the top 5 Sectors, Services holds on tops for the last 3 Asia Cups but surprisingly, this year the stats of Categories reports that Advertisers & Brands are tops in Asia Cup’22.

Meanwhile, Ad Volumes with celebrity collaboration grew by 3.8 times in Asia Cup 2022 over Asia Cup in 2016 (T20 Format). Ads featuring sportspersons have also recorded an enormous growth from NIL in Asia Cup 2016 to 24% in the recent Asia Cup 2022. Ranveer Singh ranked top among overall celebrities. Meanwhile, overruling Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma became the top sports celebrity during Asia Cup’22.

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