AI Chatbot for cancer patients


The health care sector has been massively impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. However, Artificial Intelligence’s involvement has helped the industry dodge the pandemic storm. Companies’ AI applications bring back patients’ lives from the edge and improve diagnostics and treatment and help healthcare providers quickly make informed decisions. An innovative application has been developed by India’s first holistic cancer care platform, “Hospido.” This helps the cancer patients get the right treatment advice from India’s best cancer doctors without visiting hospitals amid a pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, Lockdowns and curfew have forced many, including cancer patients, to avoid risking their lives by frequently visiting hospitals and discontinuing their treatment due to coronavirus risk. Furthermore, this is what triggered Karan Chopra, the founder of the Hospital, to come up with reliable healthcare for these cancer patients through telemedicine and satellite treatment centers for providing the right treatment at the right time. In this article, Analytics India Magazine touched with him to understand how this startup revolutionized cancer carer amid the crisis.

Hospido currently operates its satellite centers in five cities. Its online platform has so far benefited many cancer patients from remote cities like Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir. To initiate this, the startup has developed an Artificial Intelligent-enabled chatbot known as “Cancer Dost,” this chatbot helps the patients to know more about their cancer and its treatment.

Cancer Dost is developed by the engineers at Hospido and a leading oncologist team and follows international guidelines. This impartial, modernized technology tool helps patients with the proper guidance required for cancer treatment. It also helps doctors give directions to consult and suggest the right hospitals to visit during the curfew.

Hospido is also working on a remote ICU and Artificial Intelligence-based chemotherapy monitoring tool to ensure that patients get the right treatment at their local hospitals.

Hospido has also opened cancer treatment centers in the country’s tier-2 cities intending to decentralize healthcare and make quality cancer treatment more accessible. These centers have been established as per international standards. They are operated by medical staff trained under India’s leading oncologists with significant experience. Also, they provide services, including home care, diagnostic testing, diet planning, and counseling.

Cancer Dost uses an online platform in the form of a chatbot to collect the user’s information, which is then sent to the RESTful API based application, which runs on the company’s server. The server runs the proprietary recommendation algorithm, optimized to search through our proprietary knowledge data-bank created by leading oncologists. Once a match is found, the Artificial Intelligence based algorithm provides the most relevant information matching the patient’s condition. This information is then delivered to the user through the same chatbot in their choice of language to help them make the right treatment decisions in consultation with their treating doctor.

Cancer Dost has a user-friendly interface that asks for essential treatment and disease related data’s to provide the resulting outcome.

The Artificial Intelligence-enabled chatbot provides expert oncologists reports and a treatment plan from experts on submitting the medical reports.

This startup was bought in amid COVID crisis, seeing the challenges and obstacles faced by cancer patients who have been struggling hard to visit hospitals for their daily check-up. Just like blessings in disguise the COVID pandemic positively impacted digital health.


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