AIkido Pharma use AI & ML in their research program


In the United States, the cause of cancer-related death is mainly Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA), it is the third-largest reason for cancer deaths in the US. PDA has a strong association with obesity, smoking, and type 2 diabetics.

PDA treatment is not actually in an accurate manner because most of the diagnoses made very late. Another effective therapeutic strategy is surgical resection but it is restricted to early-stage diagnosis. The world in its very developed stage, lots of research and advancement happens day by day but the survival rate of cancer has only 9% in five years total and less than 2% survive in one year.

There are highly want systematic and powerful screens to develop novel, effective PDA therapeutics for early-stage disease. Aikido identifies strategy as screen drugs in primary cell culture, only after the validation from the mouse model of early disease progression.

Aikido Pharma Inc is a company in the science-driven biotechnology sector with a diverse portfolio of small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics. The Company’s platform is very wide that is consists of technology in a patent from top premium universities and researchers. The company have a strong alliance with the world top premium educational institutions like the University of Texas at Austin and Wake Forest University in the process of developing a new   therapeutic innovative drug platform

In their multiple pipelines of therapeutics includes treatment for pancreatic cancer and acute therapies for lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Also, they are constantly expanding their pipelines to solve unmet medical needs in oncology the company also has a broad-spectrum platform of antivirus that may potentially hinder replication of multiple viruses, such as Marburg virus, Influenza virus, SARS-CoV(coronavirus)and MERS-CoV, Ebola virus.

The Company believes their forward-looking statements are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on any such forward-looking statements, which are based on information available to the company on the date of their release.

Forward-looking statements of the company are based upon current estimates and assumptions and are subject to various risks and unpredictable things, that including without restriction those set forth in the Company’s filings with the SEC, not limited to Risk Factors relating to their business contained therein. And also there is a possibility of exact results, that could be significantly different. And at the same time Company disclaims any obligation to update or amend statements whether as a result of the latest information, events in the future, or otherwise, except as required by law.


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