Air cooler brands bank on new tech, and competitive pricing to beat the unorganized market


The last few days have provided a bit relief from the scorching heat within the North thanks to rains, but the temperatures are set to soar again. Come summers and here may be a rush to urge various electronic products to beat the warmth. Air coolers are a category that sees tremendous traction during the summer months.

As per industry reports, the Indian air cooler market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of seven.4% from 2022 to 27. While the uncertainties of Covid-19 had hit the industry, now the outlook is incredibly positive, especially with the pent-up demand during this category, which is extremely price driven and therefore the next best alternative to a chic air-conditioner. The price advantage offered by air coolers is a pretty proposition, together with relatively low running and maintenance costs.

For many years, people are going for locally manufactured air coolers that have a simplistic mechanism – a metal body with a strong pump, fan, and lining of khus-khus. It’s been the center class and therefore the lower income groups’ savior from the scorching heat. The growth of the agricultural economy and increased penetration of electricity, new technology, rising disposable incomes, and a more robust and improved distribution network is additionally helping brands make deeper inroads in Tier 2, 3, and rural markets.

For a long, the unorganized sector has been dominating the air coolers category. But now, branded players like Symphony, Orient, Bajaj, and Havell have begun to see greater traction, with modern technology, sleeker looks, more design options, and great value for money. Highlighting the market potential of air coolers, Ravindra Singh Negi, President – Electrical durables, Havells India, detected that they’re ideal for tropical regions and perform better within the areas influenced by the new and dry climate.

“The biggest advantage with air coolers is that you just save power because it reduces the electricity bills. Negi further said, “Havells’ innovative air coolers are loaded with best-in-class features and are unbeatable when it involves safety, portability, and convenience. Our unique premium range of Freddo, Fresco, and Brina-Plus air cooler series are equipped with Breatheezee Technology, which reduces PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles to 85%.

Saurabh Baishakhia, President – Appliances, Usha International, said “This summer season has been superb in terms of a sell-out. Summer temperatures are already breaching the 45-degree mark in many places and with issued forecasts of warmth waves and an extended summer in May; we’ve our supply and distribution in situ.”

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