Airbnb partners with SHEROES to grow its community of women Hosts in India

Airbnb partners with SHEROES to grow its community of women Hosts in India

New Delhi, March 22, 2023: Airbnb today announced a partnership with SHEROES, a women only community ecosystem, to foster entrepreneurship and love for travel among women, while also empowering them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start hosting on Airbnb’s platform. Sheroes as a platform is known to provide women a safe space to connect, and create learning and engagement opportunities, enabling easier access to employment, entrepreneurship and financial resources.

Under the partnership, Airbnb will launch a digital content and training program for six months, which will be accessible on relevant SHEROES community channels. This collaboration will provide digital content and training to support members of the social platform that are interested in hosting on Airbnb to harness their passion for hospitality, as well as enable more women in India to travel the world with confidence and independence. The program is designed to inspire, educate, and build a trusted community of women passionate about travel and hosting.

Airbnb has always been committed to promoting travel that supports local communities, allowing Hosts to share their passions, earn additional income and support their local communities. By enabling Hosts to list their homes, Airbnb has empowered tens of thousands of Indians to become entrepreneurs and gain financial independence, simply by sharing their space and time. Through its partnership with SHEROES, which has a community of 24 million Indian women, Airbnb aims to create opportunities that enhance local ecosystems for women micro-entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

At Airbnb, we have always been committed to working closely with our communities and empowering local women Hosts to become successful entrepreneurs. Our mission is to foster the development of resilient local economies by bringing people together. Through continuous training and upskilling initiatives, Airbnb and its partners are dedicated to building a vibrant and trustworthy community that fosters women empowerment and entrepreneurship. We are excited to collaborate with SHEROES to create new opportunities for women entrepreneurs and to support the growth of a diverse Host and guest community in India. We believe this partnership will be a powerful tool for promoting women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.” said Amanpreet Bajaj, Airbnb’s General Manager for India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Airbnb’s commitment to fostering connection and a sense of belonging has always been reflected in its support for the diverse community of Hosts on its platform. Through home sharing, women Hosts are able to significantly augment their earnings, and some women entrepreneurs have embraced hosting full-time. As per Airbnb’s internal data, women Hosts in India cumulatively earned over INR 1 billion in 2022*. As a part of this partnership, Airbnb will work closely with women entrepreneurs to help them identify opportunities for new hosts and provide guidance in establishing their businesses.

Sairee Chahal, Founder and CEO, SHEROES said, “Airbnb and SHEROES is a natural partnership with communities at the heart of both platforms. SHEROES is committed to economic mainstreaming of women and their contribution to GDP. With the opportunities Airbnb offers to women Hosts as well as travellers, this opens literally so many doors for women across India. Our shared faith in investing in communities and economic outcomes for our communities make this an exciting partnership. India is home to the largest number of single women as well as a growing number of women travellers. Having more women Hosts adds an impetus to travel and local economies. Our commitment at SHEROES is to help our members, earn, learn, grow, find safe space and belong to the new world. This partnership with Airbnb represents a lot of our core beliefs put into action.”