Alibaba announces new Cloud 2.0 OS platform


Alibaba Group is a multinational technology-oriented company experienced in e-commerce, retail, Internet. It brands as a one-stop marketplace giving access to consumers in six Southeast Asian countries. Alibaba is the world’s biggest retailer and e-commerce company, and occupy first in the list of largest Internet companies. Recently it was  rated as the fifth-largest artificial intelligence company, one of the biggest venture capital firms, and the biggest investment corporations in the world

Alibaba has announced a new operating system for the cloud, Alibaba Cloud 2.0 with CTO Jeff Zhang addressing at the virtual Apsara Conference function 2020 on Thursday, which upgrades a computer to use windows. Alibaba Cloud 2.0, allows operations to be more user-friendly and accurate, enabling more organizations to reduce their workloads and efficiently run the code even If they are not familiar with it. Their primary goal is to make cloud technology easily available and accessible to every customer’s figure tip.

Alibaba Cloud 2.0 is an “all-in-one platform encapsulated with Aspara system and digital-native operating system”. The digital native operating system defines an organization in a new way and accelerates transformation in the software development process. When upgraded to a digital native system the system will be intelligent, future proof, and will be mobile-driven by big data.

The company is in an ongoing process of adding further IoT, and edge computing devices into the cloud platform. Through cloud computing, this discovery can offer a lot more computing power, without considering the size of a smartphone can offer complete computer replacement for personal use as well as for office use. For that just connect it to the screen to do all the operations we do in pc. We can also do hardware upgrades without a CPU.

With the evolution of cloud technology, we can break all the barriers of using multiple PC’s and everyone will be owning with cloud computers which are highly secured because they have no connections with external devices.

Alibaba’s first logistics work, a robot named Xiaomanlv, developed by the autonomous driving lab of Alibaba’s DAMO Academy was the greatest milestone. It automatically identifies the targeted object and makes a way by programming the device, which expands a convenient and safer environment for the users.

Alibaba Cloud 2.0 will change the way we work and implement applications on the cloud This is absolutely the beginning of a ‘digital era’ that will enhance to a smarter society and enterprises.


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