Alibaba cloud upgrades cloud database products


Alibaba Group, is a Chinese based multinational technology company focusing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology, the company provides consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) sales services through web portals, electronic payment services, shopping search engines, and cloud computing services. It owns and operates many companies around the world in numerous business sectors.

Alibaba Cloud, the third-largest cloud computing company in the world with advanced database technologies of Alibaba Group, sees the demand for its database products get doubles over year. This increase was noticed by industries’ growing needs to move their operations online during pandemic COVID-19. Due to the complexity, they need a reliable, robust, and scalable database for dynamic growth.

So, the Alibaba Cloud database team announced a series of new products with advanced features, which include a  cloud-native database product OLTP, OLAP, NoSQL, tools which is a self-driving database platform. These products will provide a solution to the database eco-system for complete data processing, storage, management, and analytics.

Lindorm, the cloud-native multi-model database of Alibaba Group ecosystem, is first introduced to the market to benefit the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem and public customers. Lindorm is a cloud-native database, with reasonable storage and flexible processing characteristics. It is suitable used by applications with huge processing requirements for unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. The upgraded  Lindorm will reduce the storage cost by 80% as compared with conventional databases, with an availability guarantee of at least 99.99%.

Alibaba Cloud’s self-driving cloud-native distributed database product PolarDB-X is upgraded with analytical processing and global secondary index for distributed data features. With these new upgrades, it will help to carry out highly concurrent, massive online transaction requests, and help online business. Companies that require extremely fast data and logistics platforms use PolarDB-X to meet their instant needs.

AnalyticDB (ADB) offers an automatic, flexible cloud-native data warehouse that will integrate online interactive analytics and offline computation operations. ADB MySQL will help to power real-time computation needs with reduced cost.

Cloud-native Data Lake Analytics (DLA) provides upgraded features with Serverless Spark, which provides enterprises with a serverless data platform which efficient and easy to use with features such as one-click lake formation, metadata discovery, and management.

Therefore, cloud leader Alibaba cloud launches a new product and features to further accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation. Their long-term vision is to take customers to ride on the future trend and offer new innovative methods and provide customers with advanced database technology.


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