Amazon to enter data analytics market with Space Needle


Amazon is thinking over a data analytics service for the businesses, binding the consumer browsing and purchase related details to help the advertisers to serve more related ads. It is reportedly claimed that Amazon Web Services is soon expected to confirm that it will be launching a new service that will help the businesses to analyze the data. This new service is codenamed Space Needle. It will charge the customers on a monthly subscription basis in order to store as well as have their data offered to them.

The Space Needle will be designed to take business decisions, enhance the business’ efficiency with an array of databases and presenting the bond between them. All these details are presented in the form of a graph. This new service will make use of the data to simulate the different scenarios letting the businesses see how they can allocate the resources to make it easy for the users to generate the maximum revenue.

As per the recent reports, it will make use of a faster method to transfer or copy the data to AWS. When there is a large amount of data, Amazon will use a storage device that the customers can use to transfer to the data to and fro.

The large companies including Airbnb, Adobe, Netflix and Dow Jones are already making use of AWS so Amazon can start with a very strong clientele. The sources that are familiar with the matter have confirmed the same, but Amazon seems to have declined the claims.

The business intelligence programs are leaping up fast with the assurance of delivering big on the data. Amazon’s entry in the market will see it rival with the likes of Microsoft and IBM.

The corporate data is highly expected to play a large role in the business strategies as a majority of the business is conducted online. Also, the cost of the data storage falls short.


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