Anvayaa accelerates Growth in services and geographies

Anvayaa accelerates Growth in services and geographies
Anvayaa accelerates Growth in services and geographies

Hyderabad: 09th November 2022: Anvayaa, India’s first and only IoT and AI tech-based 3600 personalized elderly care platform in the country, doubles office space in Hyderabad city to accommodate rapid growth and enhance the services with tech-enabled solutions. The Hyderabad office expansion has been carried out in the same building with the workspace increased to 8000 sqft to accommodate more staff and support the expanding footprints across the country.  The enhanced office space was inaugurated by Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of the I&C and IT Departments of the Telangana Government, Mr. Sundeep Kishan, Telugu Actor along with Mr. Shakti Sagar, Anvayaa Advisory Board Member, and Ex. MD, ADP India in the presence of Anvayaa’s leadership team and employees.

Anvayaa has increased its footprints from 6 cities in 20-21 to 25+ locations covering all metros and major cities serving 10,000+ families in the country. It aims to become a major player in the elder care market across India in the next 3 years. The new ergonomically designed cabins and workspaces in the new office will ensure a conducive and comfortable workspace for the employees and add more work zones for expanded 24×7 Care Coordinator support and Care Companionship Managers along with the technology and innovation center to support elders across geographies. 

To expand the service offerings, Anvayaa, announced the launch of ‘Nischint’a corporate benefit plan. This helps companies to subscribe to Anvayaa’s elder care services for their employees’ families. The Nischint program provides employees with home services, visits to doctors, and other services that help them take care of their parents, while Anvayaa’s Care Manager can act as their proxy while they take care of their professional responsibilities. ‘Anvayaa Nischint’ relieves the employees of their concern for their parent’s physical and emotional well-being and allows them to focus on work as the tech-enabled Anvayaa platform keeps them updated about their parent’s well-being which is monitored by experts. 

Speaking about the developments Mr. Prashanth Reddy, Founder & Managing Director, Anvayaa Kin Care Pvt Ltd said, “We are at a very critical inflexion point in our journey as the only IoT and AI tech-based personalized elder care platforms. We have received an overwhelming response to our services from elders and their family members for the range of services from health and emergency care services to emotional and companionship care to travel, leisure, legal, financial and domestic support offered by Anvayaa. We have grown from 6 cities in 2020-21 to 25+ locations adding 10,000+ families to the platform. We have ambitious plans for expansion in the next 3 years and aim to become the country’s largest Tech Enabled personalized elder care platform. We aim to serve over 1, 00,000 (1 Lakh) families by 2025.  To achieve this objective we will require expanding our manpower from 200 Full-time employees (FTF) to 1000 and growing the partner network to ensure service delivery in our unique model. This office expansion will help with the next growth phase. We are also happy to launch ‘Anvayaa Nischint – a corporate benefit plan’, giving an option for corporates to subscribe to it for their employees and relieve them from the concern of the wellbeing of their parents.”

Anvayaa means ‘Family’ and the company believes that elders crave companionship besides support for day-to-day requirements. To build an ecosystem, for companionship and care for the elders Anvayaa has a team of trained Care Managers and 24X7 Care Coordinators to look after the requirements of the elders equipped with a network of partners to support different requirements.

Anvayaa provides complete support including healthcare, emergency care, travel & leisure, legal and other domestic services support, financial support, companionship, and emotional support to the elders. Anvayaa uses its unique technology platform for providing predictive health care and companionship to elders. Anvayaa’s excellent emergency response system enables an average response time of 3 minutes and has helped save 97% of lives in the 350+ emergency calls attended.