Apna leverages cloud solutions from MongoDB Atlas to empower 30 million job seekers in India

Apna leverages cloud solutions from MongoDB Atlas to empower 30 million job seekers in India

Mumbai, May 4 2023: Apna, India’s largest jobs and professional networking platform, has revealed its adoption of MongoDB Atlas, a leading cloud-based solution, as part of its efforts to enhance user experience while prioritizing security. With MongoDB’s expertise, apna will be better positioned to help its users seek more opportunities. The current initiative is in sync with apna’s objective of innovating and making its platform more personalized, thereby helping match the right person with the right job.

Since implementing microservices architecture and adopting MongoDB, apna has experienced a significant reduction of 90% in downtime incidents and a notable increase of 40% in developer productivity. Moreover, with MongoDB Atlas capable of handling 30 million active users, apna has successfully improved user engagement on its platform, enhancing the overall user experience. By leveraging MongoDB Atlas, apna has been able to utilize its high-performance platform and flexible data model to iterate quickly, gather feedback from users, and optimize the user experience. MongoDB Atlas serves as the primary data source for apna’s content management system, facilitating all interactions that occur on the app.

Talking about the initiative, Suresh Khemka, Head of Platform Engineeringapna said, “We have been constantly innovating and evolving to offer the best recruitment solutions. With MongoDB’s expertise in cloud solutions, we will be able to significantly improve user experience on our platform. We are witnessing a commensurate increase in developer productivity and remain confident that the data model will help 30 million job seekers with better job opportunities. We no longer need to be concerned about setting up or managing additional solutions, as MongoDB Atlas has become our go-to choice for new services due to its reliability and flexibility.”

Sachin Chawla, VP India, MongoDB said: “The grey collar economy is hugely important for India, but it hasn’t always been easy to connect talent to opportunity. apna is using software and data to give people and businesses a way to solve that. Their team is an excellent example of how a small group of developers can have a huge impact when they have a clear mission, strong culture and great technology. I’m so excited by how apna is helping connect millions of Indians to better opportunities.”

Besides the above initiative, apna is expanding its developer functionality and gathering richer data for reporting and analytics. Apna can now explore how to use data to address societal challenges, such as India’s employment inequality, with the aid of more sophisticated analytics and the appropriate technology. For instance, the app currently connects job seekers with opportunities. In future, however, apna will possess the potential to determine what skills are in demand in specific regions and assist job seekers in making informed decisions about whether to invest in particular training programmes via its enhanced analytics.

Learn more about apna’s initiative with MongoDB here: [LINK TO FULL CASE STUDY].