Apple could launch LE audio with support for Bluetooth 5.2:


Apple, the tech giant, is purportedly working on its future device releases for the Bluetooth 5.2 standard. Although, the tech giant’s filing suggests a Bluetooth 5.3 host subsystem, which as per the report points towards Bluetooth 5.2. According to the reports by Mac Rumors, Bluetooth varieties listed by Apple are for some purpose, continuously a version higher than the version that ends up on products. Although there is no official verification on this enlargement, reports suggest that it could point to support for LE Audio on future audio products starting with the expected Air Pods Pro successor.

Details on Bluetooth 5.2 and Bluetooth LE

Apart from Bluetooth versions, the support for Bluetooth v5.2 would come as good news for those in the IOS ecosystem specifically if they pay attention to a lot of music and the only reason is because of LE audio. LE Audio is part of the low-energy Bluetooth LE standard. Conferring to The Verge, advantages of LE Audio for wireless headphones like Air Pods could contain upgraded audio quality, longer battery span, the ability to connect more than two pairs of Air Pods to a single iPhone, and the capability for each individual left and right Air Pod to have its Bluetooth connection to an iPhone to prevent de-synchronization during audio playback.

Allegedly, the advanced customary focuses on distributing quality audio diffusion while penetrating less energy in the procedure that empowers Bluetooth devices to the last longer when in use, on a single charge. Bluetooth 5.2 also helps audio devices pair more rapidly with parent devices. Bluetooth LE is the major specification development project in the history of Bluetooth SIG, according to the Bluetooth SIG CER Mark Powell.

Remarkably, most Bluetooth LE products support converse compatibility for Bluetooth Classic standards so the latest TWS earbuds, speakers and headphones can work with older smartphones and gadgets too. Apple is also anticipated to launch a second-gen Air Pods Pro by this year as a restoration to the 2019 Air Pods Pro. The newest earbuds are expected to launch combined with the iPhone 14 series on September 7, 2022, and might come with support for Bluetooth LE audio.

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