Apple is anticipated to release a low-cost iPhone SE soon


At the presentation, Apple is likely to unveil a new version of the iPad Air as well as a high-end Mac Mini.

Apple Inc. is expected to debut a new low-cost iPhone SE with 5G capabilities on Tuesday at its annual spring product announcement event, according to analysts.

At the presentation, Apple is likely to unveil a new version of the iPad Air as well as a high-end Mac Mini.

The iPhone SE is presently available for $399. CFRA Research analyst Angelo Zino believes Apple would be able to attract more price-sensitive buyers if the next edition’s pricing remains the same.

“If Apple maintains that pricing point, it might potentially boost our unit iPhone forecast for 2022,” Zino noted.

“The iPhone SE appeals to a lot of first-time iPhone ecosystem buyers, who may be younger people whose parents are purchasing the device.”

The new phone would be the first to upgrade the iPhone SE model in two years, and it is likely to have a better camera and a faster processor.

According to Ryan Reith of IDC, the United States, Japan, and Western Europe have been the top markets for iPhone SE sales in recent years. Reith predicts that these regions will likely remain the top markets after the release of the third-generation iPhone SE.

“We probably won’t see major geography movements,” Reith said, adding that he expects the new iPhone SE to contribute to 10% of total iPhone volumes worldwide after the introduction.

As people desire more powerful devices with better connectivity, Apple has been focused on 5G capabilities for its flagship product, with the iPhone 13 displaying specific 5G antennas and radio components for faster speeds.

Several observers, however, continue to highlight the global limitations of 5G technology.

“At the present, (5G) technology in most countries around the world isn’t good enough to provide a distinct and differentiated experience,” said Canalys research analyst Runar Bjrhovde. “The iPhone SE’s 5G capability is more of a mechanism to allow customers to benefit from 5G as the technology evolves over the next year or two.”

Zino expects no services or accessories to be disclosed during the Tuesday event, but anything might happen in the services market, he said.

Every year, Apple hosts three product launch events, the first of which takes place in the spring and announces the arrival of the new iPhone line just before the holiday shopping season.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Apple stated on March 1 that it has ceased all product sales in Russia. Apple has also announced that all shipments to Russia have been blocked, as well as Apple Pay and other services in the country.

The Russian government news outlets RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available for download from the Apple Store outside of Russia.

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