Apple Vs. Samsung Patent Verdict – How will it affect Samsung’s Sales in US?


After a year of all the tensed hearing, the jury in US gave its verdict on the much hyped Apple x Samsung patent war. The jury who found that Korean company has willfully infringed Apple’s design patent and technology has ordered the former to pay $1.05 billion to the later.

The jury also has found that Samsung has used Apple’s design innovations like “bounce-back” feature in many of their products.

So what does this entire things means to Samsung mobile handset sales in US? The reports indicate that  Apple is now planning to pursue ban of sales of around 20 Samsung models in US.  Apple also has confirmed that they will seek an injunction against the Samsung products found by jury to have used Apple patented design elements.

It is worth noting that Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note sales will not be affected as it is not part of the law suit. However other high profile and popular phones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, and Nexus S sales are likely to get affected as these models were the ones most discussed in the law suit. However, Samsung hopes that their sales in North America will have a minimal impact as these products have already progressed to the status of “ out-of-date”.

There are reports that people in America are now dumping Samsung products on the back of this verdict. Samsung officials are taking all possible measures to defend the injunction if granted by modifying the infringed features.

Some lawyers and experts in the fields are also in the opinion that  the verdict will have an impact on other players in the mobile and software industries as well, especially Google who has provided the software for both Apple and Samsung.


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