Apple’s iOS 16.0.2 update fixes bugs: Check what has been fixed


The iOS 16.0.2 update from Apple fixes bugs: Verify the fixes made.

A fault that resulted in camera vibration and fuzzy photographs when shooting with some third-party apps on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has been fixed by the latest update from Apple.

The iOS 16.0.2 update from Cupertino-based Apple has been released to address issues. Users reported quite a few faults with Apple’s most recent OS upgrade for iPhones a few days after its wide public release. Every time Apple releases a significant OS upgrade, a few problems have historically surfaced. Apple has just released iOS 16.0.2, a new upgrade.

Users reported the first glitch that affected Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro model on Reddit, saying that when using third-party apps like Snapchat and Instagram, the rear camera setup on their phones shakes violently and creates noises. The iPhone 14 Pro versions seem to function flawlessly in the native camera app.

Second, a problem in the new functionality kept pestering users for permission to paste something into an app, which most users found annoying. To alert the user that the content they are trying to paste might contain sensitive information, it was created as a security feature. Every time they attempted to paste text from another app, the permission window would appear.

For the iPhone 8 and subsequent models of the iPhone, iOS 16.0.2 is now available. Additionally, it includes fixes for issues where touch input was responsive on some iPhone models following a service and situations where the display might appear completely black during device setup. It is about 270MB in size.

In addition to these bug fixes, the release includes significant security upgrades.

For those who don’t remember, Apple just released the iOS upgrade for the just-launched iPhone 14 series as well as a few chosen older iPhone models. For only the most recent iPhone 14 series, the tech behemoth has launched iOS 16.0.1. This update is thought to fix flaws that could prevent the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models from being activated and moved.

Bugs are fixed in iOS 16.0.2 by Apple.

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