Application of Deep Learning in Computer Vision


Face recognition systems, self-driving cars, and security cameras are some of the great examples of deep learning(DL) in Computer vision. Deep Learning applications in computer vision have been rapidly increasing in a very short period.

Computer geniuses have been working effortlessly to create machines that can see and understand like humans do, from the very start of Artificial Intelligence, and that had led to the unraveling of computer vision. Computer vision is a subfield of AI and DL is a brand of AI which helps process the unstructured data into videos and images. Some of the applications of deep learning in computer vision are:

Facial recognition application

Earlier face recognition application was limited to only police and research lab, because of its cost. However, now with technological advancement in computer vision has made it easy to find its way to different computer devices. Now we can see face recognition as an authentication system in mobile phones. Many stores in China are using face recognition technology for payment instead of CC or payment applications. However, as of now, facial recognition technology is not perfect.

Image classification

Image classification is all about extracting information from an image. The process of image classification is categorizing and labeling images based on specific rules. There are infinite categories in which the image can be classified. The DL way of image classification includes convolutional layers, and CNN (Convolutional Neural network). Several parameters such as functions of each layer, the number of layers will have to be redefined. Although this whole process was complex now with the incorporation of deep learning the process is turning out to be easy.

Logistic classification

The logistic part of the business is benefiting a lot from using deep learning. The scanners used to track the stock are an example of the application of DL in computer vision. With the incorporation of Deep Learning, the camera can identify any labels on the object and can also read the bar code.

The above mentioned are some of the extraordinary applications of Deep learning in computer vision.


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