AR In Marketing – What Can Augmented Reality Do


Marketing is one area where companies do not wish to compromise on. This is because it is due to marketing that the companies are able to increase their customer base and further boost their profits. Offers a variety of solutions to present product information and potential clients to future businesses of marketing and sales. They can see a product or place because it feels appropriate. For example, homebuyers can view the interior and exterior of a home in another geographical location and acquire better assets than just viewing static images on a website. This allows potential buyers to navigate through space or around a product without being physically present. This allows marketers to present prototypes for custom work, whether it is a small built item or a pre-construction building.

AR and Consumer Readiness

  • AR is expected to be used for product samples as well as remote sites.
  • Almost all of us are active in online shopping and use other applications like translation apps etc. We use them without easily realizing that the base it is all AR. Therefore, marketing is a lot to rely on AR.
  • In the past, communication between the consumer and the brand was one-sided. But today, technology has changed everything for the better — thanks to AR.
  • AR has made customers an overview of what the product looks like on them, how the product will generally work, how good the services are, etc. This is because AR has paved the way for a photo-purchased version.
  • This allows the marketing team to place their products in the best possible way.

Why AR?

  • Industries like architecture, design, furnishing, education and e-commerce will see the immense application of AR required for the current situation.
  • AR is also expected to grow faster than VR in the coming years.
  • AR has the potential to contribute to market growth through its integration with smartphones, electronic gadgets, home appliances, headsets, etc.
  • Big brands like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. are already in AR implementation and have found immense growth in the last few years.
  • There are reports that Apple has developed an AR headset in the next few years. With this publication, the AR market will see an ever-increasing demand.

AR in today’s marketing

There are already many companies implementing AR using one way or another to increase their marketing capability. Some people use AR-based apps like Amazon and IKEA. Yes, these apps are unique but what are they designed to do and what is catering?

Some apps allow customers to try out clothes and makeup. This led to an increase in sales.

However, it is noteworthy here that not all brands have succeeded in using it. The famous clothing brand H&M failed a few years ago.

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