ARK GROUP announces the launch of ARK SAMYAK


Hyderabad: March 30th, 2022: Ark Groupone of the most respected integrated construction and infrastructure development company with over three decades of legacy, announced the launch of a Luxury, kid-friendly project, ARK SAMYAK in Bachupally, Hyderabad. The project offers living spaces that are built to engage kids and the whole family with an exclusive unmatched opulence. The company has worked with the corporate sector, government bodies, and home spaces from project commencement to delivery and has set a high benchmark of service quality and commitment.

Ark Samyak is being extraordinarily built with a focus on creating a perfect environment for little ones with state-of-the-art robust infrastructural facilities. The project is strategically placed in Bachupally, a prominent developing suburb of Hyderabad, which allows easy access to schools, malls, hospitals, and other essential services. Ark Samyak will be the logical destination with elegance and luxury as its primary ingredients, the apartments are built in such a manner that they do not face each other.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri. G Ram Reddy, CMD, Ark Group said, “Ark Samyak primarily focuses on developing kid-centric residences that are designed to spur mental growth, with an additional emphasis on safety and amusement, in order to create an environment where they can reach their full potential. Ark Samyak will act as a catalyst to provide them with a head start in life’s race, in its capacity. The aesthetically designed homes will ensure the families provide a safe and secure atmosphere and stimulate knowledge that will develop children’s nascent minds. This project is an IGBC Gold-rated project with ultra-luxurious components imbibed in every house and the community as well. The project has its own share of green with native species and various plants. Effective utilization of solar energy combined with energy-efficient lighting fixtures for the common exterior is one of the major highlights. As a part of taking steps towards an environmentally friendly society, we have also set up an EV charging facility in the community.”

Adding to it, Ms. Meghna Gummi, CEO, ARK GROUP told, “At ARK SAMYAK, we believed Kids resemble blank paper and they can be handed over the necessary crayons to paint their own lives which is the same concept that we are trying to implement on a larger scale. Hence, the high level of sheen makes will polish them with finesse. Each apartment is being fitted with modern-day technological safety standards which will always keep the family together. All corners in the apartments are rounded, to ensure that the kids don’t get hurt, motion sensors in the kid’s bedroom and bathroom, vinyl floor in kids’ bedroom and provision of safety sockets at different heights.

The majestic entrance lounge showcases the grandeur of the people in the community. The clubhouse built across 4 floors has an exciting series of activity spaces and ensures social interactions among adults and children. Rainwater harvesting, organic waste management, and water-efficient plumbing fixtures are some of the other major infrastructural facilities that we are providing to make the project eco-friendlier.”