Artificial Intelligence is the Future?


With the advancement of various technologies and innovations, humans discovered that all the complex activities and tasks could be done with accuracy minimizing the possible human errors by computers or machines such as robots, etc. Such an ability of the computer programs to think and learn is termed as Artificial Intelligence. AI has also made attempts to make computers ‘smart’. AI has replaced the human cognition or the thought process. Business Insider Intelligence conducted researches to find out the latest trends & advancements of artificial intelligence or machine intelligence to determine the future of AI. The companies have made huge investments in teaching machines to think more like humans.

As per the recent updates, Microsoft has decided to layoff the journalists and editorial workers. Microsoft news and MSN organizations are relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to curate top stories, news, and content to be presented in the company’s various Microsoft news apps. With the arrival of AI, the majority of the employee’s job got affected who was responsible for picking up stories. Microsoft is encouraging journalists and publishers to increase the application of AI. The Guardian reports also state that the job of the employees has been taken over by artificial intelligence. There are certain risks when humans are replaced with intelligence software.

 As the year goes by AI will advance tremendously perform all the works and duties which were performed by humans. The main goal of AI is to develop intelligent machines to learn on their own and to eliminate human interventions. There are certain reports which stated that the future intelligence of artificial intelligence will not be equivalent to human intelligence. These machines or robots require complex intelligence to have interactions with the environment.

Machine learning is a form of AI where the machines learn from data. To achieve the needs of business machine learning is applied and offers potential values to the companies, a better understanding of the changes in behaviour, tastes & preferences, or satisfaction level of customers. The machine learning enables businesses to leverage algorithms and models to predict the future outcome.


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