Artificial Intelligence jobs in India in 2020


Opportunities in the field of AI and ML have increased exponentially over the last few years since they have become a business phenomenon as organizations seek to deliver enhanced services. In a report, the World Economic Forum noted that AI-powered automation will generate around 133 million new jobs globally by 2022 since many foreign companies are coming to expand their business, the demand for professionals with AI skills and knowledge is continuously increasing.

Let’s see some of the Artificial Intelligence jobs in India for various companies.


Job Role: Senior System Software Engineer, Speech AI

Job Description: They will be working with research and product teams to develop, build, and deploy speech neural networks across multiple platforms, as part of Conversational AI solutions.

Preferred Qualification: BE/B.Tech, ME/M.Tech (from reputed schools only) or Ph.D. is required. Experience in Speech Technologies like Automatic Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, Speaker Recognition, and Identification. Having programming and scripting skills for development, optimization, and analytical skills. Knowledge in Deep Learning and Performance Optimization, Transfer Learning, Deployment, etc.


Job Role: Automation Head

Job Description: The role is to develop an Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence across Telstra Global Services. Forming the strategy and deployment for intelligent automation capability development & operational support for Telstra’s Digital workforce.

Preferred Qualification: Minimum 15 years’ experience in Software Automation/Product Management Background and experience in setting up capabilities in ML, AI, and RPA.


Job Role: AI Automation Engineer

Job Description: The role is to build solutions using open source and commercial technologies to prevent IT outages at scale. Working within an agile development team in a dynamic fashion and having the ability to upskill when required and to have a high-performing environment that enables teams to improve over time.

Preferred Qualification: Minimum five years of experience in Cloud-native testing tools and having strong knowledge in Python/JavaScript/Java/Shell for automation, and working with Kubernetes/OpenShift Virtualisation. Experience in test frameworks and experience with multiple cloud services, including IBM Cloud, Google, AWS, Azure.


Job Role: Technical Specialist, Azure AI/ML Platform

Job Description: The job role will be collecting, moving, storing, and preparation of data infrastructure. Managing and securing the flow of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

Preferred Qualification: At least two years of experience working as a Software Developer/Engineer and proficiency in languages: Python, SQL, R, Java, and Spark. Experience in cloud technologies and environments, Python/Scala Notebooks, building, deploying, and managing applications within these environments, and more.


Job Role: Principal AI/ML: Digital Innovation Prototyping Architect

Job Description: Joining a digital development team, the aspirant has to support AWS customers to develop prototypes specific to their articulated strategic vision for new products and services. The ream will be a hands-on team of cross-functional developers supporting AWS customers to build rapid MVP experiments adapted to their specific, innovation-focused, use cases.

Preferred Qualification: Minimum of ten years of professional experience in commercial or web-scale system software development and delivery. Proficiency in a modern programming language such as C#, Java, or Python will be good. Experience in Data Science and building secure software using modern security principles.  


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