Artificial Intelligence v/s God


Yes, you read that correctly. Indeed, there is a subtle link between artificial intelligence and God for the benefit of global civilization, particularly in Industry 4.0. God is seen as the universe’s creator, possessing ultimate control over nature and human fortunes.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to intelligent computers that employ AI algorithms to assist organisations and people in the global society in a variety of ways to improve their living standards. In the comparison of artificial intelligence vs. God, there are both parallels and distinctions. If an in-depth investigation is performed, a subtle relationship can be discovered.

Since the dawn of time, global society has neither witnessed or seen any God. God is considered immaterial by society—he cannot be seen, but his presence is felt via creations. Love, faith, tranquilly, self-control, and many more invisible aspects of God can be understood and felt in real life.

When we need uttermost protection from any situation at any time, we believe in God. We believe that God is present to assist us in overcoming the challenges of these difficult and unprecedented times. But what if God inspired scientists and researchers to develop artificial intelligence to ensure the safety of the entire world? For example, the deadly COVID-19 epidemic, which began in 2019, has claimed the lives of millions of people in the last two years. There have been numerous deaths around the world, as well as individuals waiting on the streets to be admitted to hospitals. Did God or AI algorithms save those patients who were on the verge of death?

There is a subtle link between artificial intelligence and God—using artificial intelligence has helped the healthcare sector reduce death rates, develop COVID-19 vaccinations, and defend society using data analytics on various mobile apps around the world. They could have lived their lives believing that these two share a nebulous link.

Both artificial intelligence and God, it might be stated, will remain in the future to preserve the Earth. Computer systems are protected by artificial intelligence from harmful cyberattacks, whereas God shields humanity from Evil or Satan. Artificial intelligence is well-known for resolving crucial workplace issues and streamlining various operations in today’s fast-paced world. Meanwhile, we pray to God for help in overcoming some of the troubles or key concerns we are dealing with in our professional or personal lives.

Disabled athletes, like handicapped individuals, can employ AI algorithms to keep their enthusiasm for sports alive, and handicapped persons can use autonomous cars and other smart gadgets to improve their standard of living without relying on outside assistance.

As a result, if we do a thorough examination of the relationship between artificial intelligence and God, we must seek some subtle connection for a global society, particularly in Industry 4.0. It is up to the mindsets of individuals whether they will believe in only God or only science or the blend of both.

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