Ashok Leyland commits to transforming lives through mobility

Ashok Leyland- Raghunandan Saran
Ashok Leyland- Raghunandan Saran

Ashok Leyland commits to converting lives through mobility Ashok Leyland, the flagship company of the Hinduja Group and India’s directing saleable vehicle manufacturer, now presented its new trademark tagline “ Koi Manzil Door Nahin ”.

 Labelling the birth of the 75th era of assignments in the country, Mr. Dheeraj Hinduja, Executive Chairman, Ashok Leyland, along with Mr. Shenu Agarwal, MD & CEO, Ashok Leyland and Mr. Piyush Pandey, Chairman of Global Creative & Executive Chairman, Ogilvy Group, together commenced the new tagline while disclosing the new advertisement cause.

Ashok Leyland has lived the mobility answer provider for dispatching people and goods to their destinations, guaranteeing a responsible transportation, since 1948. From manufacturing India’s first double- decker automobile to creating the first intercrops- electric vehicle in the country, Ashok Leyland has supported millions of people move closer to their dreams and, in the procedure, turned multiple dreams into actuality.

 The trusted Ashok Leyland brand believes that there are destinations (Manzil) still to be conquered and further dreams to be achieved for all its stakeholders and for the company itself. The new positioning celebrates the trip that Ashok Leyland has had so far while preparing for the bone that lies ahead. ‘Koi Manzil Door Nahin’ is the personification of these peregrinations and their gospel.

 Each accomplished corner serves as a memorial to Ashok Leyland and to the millions who use the vehicles daily that with the right mate by your side, no dream is too far.

 The new brand identity depicts the client- centricity of the brand while showcasing its technological inventions in the ground participating his lookouts, Mr. Piyush Pandey, Chairman of Global Creative & Executive Chairman, India, Ogilvy Group, observed, “ It’s a boon for me and my company to mate with Ashok Leyland, a brand that has partnered with India nearly all through its nationhood.

It’s a brand that isn’t only technologically state- of- the- trade but at a natural ranking, is state- of- the- heart. In Ashok Leyland’s bid to constantly transfer smaller heights.

We’ve landed at the soul of ‘Koi Manzil Door Nahin’- the new tagline and the spirit of the brand.” Dheeraj Hinduja, Executive Chairman, Ashok Leyland, discovering the new tagline, said, “I’m pleased to launch the new brand positioning for Ashok Leyland “Koi Manzil Door Nahin”. 

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