Assetmonk Unveils A Women’s Only Initiative: WISE WOMEN & WEALTH

Assetmonk Unveils A Women’s Only Initiative: WISE WOMEN & WEALTH
Assetmonk Unveils A Women’s Only Initiative: WISE WOMEN & WEALTH

An exciting initiative celebrating International Women’s Day with wealth-building strategies and exclusive product benefits. 

Assetmonk, an alternative investment platform, is excited to announce its new initiative, “Wise Women and Wealth,” on the occasion of International Women’s Day. In a bid to push its cause of creating an inclusive alternative real estate investment space for everyone’s financial well-being, the platform is launching a dedicated knowledge-sharing series. This series aims to empower forward-thinking female investors from all walks of life to take charge of their wealth and explore the booming asset class. The series will include experts from Assetmonk bringing insights on financial planning, portfolio growth and roadmapping, along with investor stories narrating their journey of discovering and growing in the space of alternative investments. 

To maximise the impact of this initiative, ensuring women take away the most out of it,  Assetmonk has meticulously curated a new investment product from the world of sustainability. Unveiling first for women, this exclusive opportunity comes with a remarkably lowered ticket size, now marked down by 80% from the standard.

Effective from 8th March, the ticket-size benefit for women on this particular product will be valid for 10 days till 20th March. The platform is also hosting a series of webinars starting 9th March to unveil the opportunity and wealth-building strategies, specifically a woman’s portfolio growth.

Speaking about the initiative, Smriti Grover, Regional Head of Investments, Assetmonk, said “We have observed that several women have the capability and intent to take charge of their wealth and chart their financial success during our numerous interactions with different stakeholders. Assetmonk’s collective vision is to move to an investment landscape accessible to all sections of society equitably to multiply their wealth. I’m proud of making the right effort in this direction in inviting more women to enter the booming space of alternative real estate investments for high-return investments.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Prudhvi Reddy, Founder & CEO,  Assetmonk, stated,We are thrilled to launch this exclusive initiative which mirrors the culture we, as an organisation, truly believe in. We are ready to lend a hand in making the alternative investments sector an inclusive space for all. With Wise Women & Wealth, we are accelerating our stand on women’s empowerment by opening another avenue for their financial prosperity and an inclusive society. “ 

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