Astral asks with Ranveer Singh-kya soch rahe ho?


Astrel pipe has established in 1996 with the aim of plumping and drainage system of India. Astrals aims to become a global high-performing organization that delivers quality products and services to its customers and attains a leadership position in the industry. The organization looks at customer satisfaction defining through the conduct with the customer, partners, shareholders, employees, and the society.

Astral has launched their new campaign for the brand featuring Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Astral points, the importance of pipes through the ad. The campaign comprises two ad films that convey the brand’s message. While thinking about Pipes, it is not much considered of importance, though Astral takes the responsibility of thinking about the Pipes. The film actor Ranveer Singh gives this message to the viewers while asking, Pipe ke baare mein kaun sochta hai?.

Kairav Engineer, the vice president – business development and Astral Poly Technik, says that they have brought The Womb in as their brand-building partner some time back, and they are very excited about the new positioning and the new campaign that they had for the brand. Along with that Ranveer, comes on board as the brand endorser and will help strengthen their brand equity and solidify their leadership position in the category. Kawal Shoor, the co-founder of The Womb, said that pipes were neither thought to be that important nor are they visible. Society could either make them see the importance of Pipes, which goes against the grain of human nature, as others suddenly do not start thinking of something as important just because an ad campaign says so, or accept those realities and create a strategy around it. The organization has chosen the latter and used the inherent trust which influences the community (dealers, plumbers, etc.) had in the brand. Why do we think about it when you can leave it to the trusted expert? the organization believes that over time. 

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