Ather’s family scooter Rizta to have biggest seat in the segment

Ather’s family scooter Rizta to have biggest seat in the segment
Ather’s family scooter Rizta to have biggest seat in the segment
Ather Energy, one of India’s leading electric scooter manufacturers, has been teasing about its upcoming family scooter, the Rizta, for the past few weeks. In a recent social media post Tarun Mehta shared two images comparing Rizta’s seat with two leading scooters in the category. The Rizta’s seat was much larger in comparison indicating that Rizta would have the largest seat in the family scooter segment.
In his recent tweets, which gathered a lot of attention on social media, Ather CEO Tarun Mehta shared this interesting comparison of the seat size of Rizta.  Tarun’s tweet read as, “There are a lot of folks who love @atherenergy but wanted a bigger scooter from us. So when we were designing our family scooter, we made sure we tick that box. I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at what we mean by “bigger.” This will be the biggest seat in the market! Launching on our Community Day 2024 real soon! “. While Tarun did not mention the competing brands, it was found out that the two seats were of the Ola S1 range and the Honda Activa, which have been dominating their respective segments. The Rizta’s seat was seen to be much larger and more spacious, affirming that Rizta will provide significantly more space and offer a comfortable riding experience for both the rider and the pillion
.Although very little is known about the Rizta, from the couple of weeks it has been spotted testing, it is clear that Ather now wants to target an audience looking for a family scooter. Last week, the scooter was spotted testing with two riders and additional load, giving us a closer look at its practicality and overall usability. Being a family electric scooter, it is expected to be ridden with ample weight and a pillion, as we see in the real world. Even the fairly large floorboard area is an indicator of the family-oriented approach.
As the electric scooter industry witnesses a surge in demand, Ather strategically positions itself as a responsive player, catering to a diverse range of consumer needs by venturing into the family-oriented market. With precision engineering and proudly donning the “Made in India” badge, the forthcoming family scooter from Ather is set to make substantial strides in comfort and safety, exemplifying the brand’s commitment to exceeding conventional expectations.
The brand has already slated the Ather Rizta’s launch during Ather’s community day 2024. So we expect an official announcement soon.