Auto Industry Sales Performance of January 2022


Monthly Performance: January 2022

Production: The total production of Passenger Vehicles*, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers and Quadricycles in the month of January 2022 were 1,860,809 units.

Domestic Sales:

  • Passenger Vehicles* sales were 254,287 units in January 2022.
  • Three-wheeler sales were 24,091 units in January 2022.
  • Two-wheeler sales were 1,128,293 units in January 2022.

Performance: April 2021 – January 2022

Production: Total production of Passenger Vehicles**, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers and Quadricycles in April 2021 – January 2022 were 18,246,837 units.

Domestic Sales:

  • Passenger Vehicles** sales were 2,403,125 units in April 2021 – January 2022
  • Three-wheeler sales were 201,868 units in April 2021 – January 2022
  • Two-wheeler sales were 11,244,208 units in April 2021 – January 2022

Commenting on January 2022 sales data, Mr Rajesh Menon, Director General, SIAM said, “Sales in the month of January 2022 again declined compared to January 2021, due to both Omicron related concerns and Semi-conductor shortages. There is clearly a demand issue for Two-Wheelers due to lower rural off-take of entry level models. Three-Wheelers continue to be severely affected due to lower sales. On the other hand, Passenger vehicle segment is unable meet the market demand due to supply side challenges resulting sales in January 2022 being even lower than January 2021.”

Domestic Sales: Monthly

CategoryDomestic Sales (In Numbers)
Passenger Vehicles (PVs)*   
Passenger Cars155,046153,244126,693
Utility Vehicles (UVs)81,231111,494116,962
Total Passenger Vehicles (PVs)248,840276,554254,287
Three Wheelers   
Passenger Carrier50,62517,28417,948
Goods Carrier10,2789,5106,143
Total Three Wheelers60,90326,79424,091
Two Wheelers   
Scooter/ Scooterettee416,594454,556348,704
Total Two Wheelers1,341,0051,429,9281,128,293
Grand Total1,650,8121,733,2761,406,672

Cumulative Sales: April 2021 – January 2022

CategoryDomestic Sales (In Numbers)
Passenger Vehicles (PVs)**   
Passenger Cars1,446,2801,181,3451,156,458
Utility Vehicles (UVs)806,881788,6011,152,968
Total Passenger Vehicles (PVs)2,366,7602,054,4282,403,125
Three Wheelers   
Passenger Carrier470,89495,018141,227
Goods Carrier97,26364,46260,641
Total Three Wheelers568,157159,480201,868
Two Wheelers   
Scooter/ Scooterettee4,880,4733,559,0863,304,857
Total Two Wheelers15,254,80012,197,11211,244,208
Grand Total18,190,73514,410,99313,849,266