Bangur Cement launches an innovative multimedia campaign inspiring citizens to Vote

·         Bangur Cement launches a sequel to its successful “Solid Ghar” campaign with the message of “Vote Solid, Desh Solid” to inspire citizens to vote during the election period
·         Bangur Cement encourages  citizens to take a intent for voting at with a promise to donate 1 KG of cement for every pledge to vote which would be used for social welfare purposes
Bangur Cement unveiled a new multimedia campaign inspiring the citizens of the nation to exercise their right to vote. The campaign, ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid’, highlights the importance of each individual’s vote in making the nation more solid. The campaign is innovative because it is a sequel to the previous brand launch campaign featuring popular Bollywood star Sunny Deol.
The key message of the campaign is ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid.’ Just as Bangur Cement helps you build a solid home, you can help build a solid nation by exercising your right to vote.
Further, the brand encourages citizens to take a pledge to vote, through its “Vote ka Vachan” button on it’s website Bangur Cement has pledged to donate 1 KG of cement for every pledge to vote which would be used for social welfare purposes. Bangur Cement is tying up with relevant NGOs and Self Help Groups to help fulfil this pledge.
Speaking about the campaign, Mr Neeraj Akhoury, Managing Director, Shree Cement, said, “Bangur Cement’s ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ campaign and the ‘Vote Ka Vachan’ pledge are a continued reflection of our commitment for building a progressive nation with inclusive growth through our brands, products and network.”
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