Barbie Doll in new ‘drag queen’ avatar!


The Barbie doll first came into existence in the year 1959 as Barbie Milicent Roberts. Now the Toymakers Mattel is trying to come up with a new ‘drag queen’ Barbie doll, which is targeted to inspire the male fans. Barbie doll which for the past many years is an inspiration for girls is now going to be an inspiration for boys as well. Wow!! Isn’t this happy news for many male fans?

The term ‘Drag Queen’ is not yet officially taken as to describe ‘The Blonds Blond Diamond’ Barbie Doll. The figure is created by the New- York fashion designer Phillipe Blond. Initially Barbie was blond and it was later in 1961 that she became red haired.

Barbie celebrated its 50th birthday in the year 2009. And in all these years, Mattel has always tried new avatars for Barbie. Mattel has also come up with a bold doll in Barbie’s shape and form for the children who have lost their hair due to cancer. This has gained large popularity among children.

Philipe believes that everyone should feel glamorous every day. Eyelash extension, which is a must for any drag queen, has been given to her to bring more glows on her face. To make it complete with a dramatic look, it is covered with a full-length faux fur coat. The most highlighting thing about her is the sparkling cocktail ring. The drag queen has been expressed as “pretty, provocative and magical” by an official description. It has also been added that “The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie brings the most sparkly splendor of fashion.”

The only rule for the gorgeous eye catching garments is fun fashion and rock n roll glam. And it can be firmly said that this rule is being strictly followed and that is the reason as to why everyone, starting from children and even elders, gets attracted to it. And now let’s hope that the new drag queen avatar will also catch the minds of many.