‘Be Compliment Ready’ with Alia and Aurelia


TCNS Clothing Co Ltd’s ethnic clothing brand Aurelia has launched its second digital campaign, ‘Be Compliment Ready,’ which stars starlet Alia Bhatt. A series of fascinating digital videos with tiny eccentricities are part of the campaign, stressing the pleasure of easy style. The commercial encourages women to feel confident in their ability to receive compliments in any scenario. 

In the second commercial from the series, Alia, dressed in a maroon Kurti from the brand, is seen photographing a bride and groom when the photographers around the event divert their attention to her and begin photographing her instead of the couple. The purpose of the advertising is to showcase the brand’s basic but elegant apparel. 

Alia Bhatt has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Aurelia, a TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd. brand. The brand may be found both online and in stores. It claims to have over 220 exclusive brand locations and 1,000 big format stores in 150 cities in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Mauritius. The brand may also be found on the internet through its website as well as e-commerce sites such as Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart. 

Last month, Aurelia launched its first-ever digital campaign from the series, ‘Be Compliment Ready.’ A series of fascinating digital videos with tiny eccentricities are part of the campaign, stressing the pleasure of easy style. Alia’s favorite pieces from the Spring/Summer collection. 

The Monday-to-Friday Dress is part of Aurelia’s Spring Summer ’22 collection, which includes specifically chosen designs in casual, event dress, and work wear. The versatile dress can be worn in five different ways and is composed of breathable fabric to keep you cool in the heat. Nano Geometric Motifs are used in conjunction with Kantha stitches to produce a complete design.

The entire collection, like this, is a wonderful blend of comfort and elegance that adds sharpness to the overall look in a modern manner. For over a decade, Aurelia has catered to the demands of modern Indian women. 

Alia is also the face of Mohey, India’s biggest wedding apparel company. The brand has launched a new campaign called #DulhanWaaliFeeling, which stars Alia Bhatt, a young and well-liked actress. The campaign is fueled by the emotions of the bride as she recounts her memories with her parents and her apprehensions as she goes on a new adventure in her new home and family, in keeping with the Dulhan Waali Feeling tradition. 

Alia has been named as the new brand ambassador for mCaffeine’s popular body scrubs and body washes. The actor’s environmental activities are praised by the company. 

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