Best data science training institutes in India


Data science has become a significant aspect of all industry sectors, ranging from agriculture to marketing and business analytics, as a result of the rise of big data.

In India, the majority of working professionals are increasingly focusing on upskilling in order to remain in demand in the market. This is especially true in fields like data science, which is currently one of the most popular emerging courses to pursue for a bright future.

Machine learning algorithms are used to numbers, text, photos, video, audio, and other data to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can execute jobs that would normally need human intelligence.

The top data science training institutes in India in 2022 are listed in this article.


Since 2011, AnalytixLabs has been a leader in analytics training, and as one of the earliest analytics training schools, it has earned a reputation for providing high-quality training from industry professionals. After establishing itself as the best analytics training college in Delhi NCR, it is working hard to gain the same reputation across India, based on its exceptional track record and student satisfaction.

Accenture, American Express, AbsolutData, Axtria, Bank of America, and McKinsey are among the companies that have hired its graduates. Its goal is to assist its clients in developing fundamental and advanced analytics abilities so that they can become “Industry Ready” professionals and grow their careers.

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is a well-known non-profit university that has been awarded the renowned NAAC A+ rating. Data science is the most profitable job programme of the twenty-first century, and the institution provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field.

This course can help you earn a good living and offer doors to careers such as data scientist, data analyst, marketing analyst, and data engineers. This is one of India’s best data science training institutes to apply to for the year 2022.

IMS Proschool

A Financial Modelling Certification course is offered by IMS Proschool in collaboration with NSE Academy. This one-of-a-kind curriculum gives students hands-on experience and prepares them for a career in financial analysis. It offers ‘curated’ jobs that are tailored to your preferences.

You can also get resume writing, mock interview preparation, soft skill development, and other services to help you boost your profile.


The objective of Edvancer is to make India’s young employable in the services sector by equipping them with job-specific skillsets through industry-focused education and training. At, we offer online business analytics education and training to people and businesses, as well as a data science knowledge resource.

Data science, information and cyber security managers, supply chain managers, international trade managers, financial planning and budgeting analysts, risk managers, management accounting professionals, public relations and corporate communications managers, and others will all benefit from the institute’s skills and training.

Edvancer’s philosophy is to ensure that every student who graduates from the institute is immediately productive for his or her business.

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