Best salesforce analytics tools to use in improving your business for 2022


Salesforce Wave Analytics, also called Analytics Cloud, is a business intelligence (BI) platform from that is optimized for mobile access and data visualization.

The Wave mobile app allows users to work with large data files and create graphs, charts, and other pictorial representations of data from them. According to Salesforce, the platform allows users to drill down into key parts of the business with only a few clicks and little or no training in data analysis.

Wave Analytics features include:

A mobile-first approach that assumes smartphones, tablets, and task-specific apps are employees’ primary tools for getting work done. To that end, the platform is optimized for mobile platforms to facilitate mobile collaboration.

Integration with other clouds, including the Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud, to enable access of data from all sources.

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud apps, dashboards, and lenses enable greater visibility into various aspects of data, such as trends, team performance, and agent efficiency.

Top salesforce analytics tools

These days, analytics became distinguished for simplifying searches. then analytics tools have additionally been on the priority list of the business homeowners. Here square measures the highest five salesforce analytics tools to spice up your business.

1 Hevo knowledge
Hevo knowledge could be a no-code knowledge pipeline that aids in transferring knowledge from Salesforce to a knowledge destination. this is often one of the highest Salesforce Associate in Nursingalytics tools which will automatize the processes by enriching the info and revolutionizing it into an analysis-ready type with no code. this is often an ideal analytics tool to get insights victimization atomic number 83 tool of your alternative.

2 Intercom
Intercom is one of the well-known analytics tools that is employed for chase and analysis for net applications. It uses JavaScript to speak with users and supports each iOS system and robot. This tool may also assist you with statistics with that you’ll be able to decide a lot expeditiously.

3 PaveAI
PavAI works as an Associate in Nursing extension of Google Analytics. this is often one of the analytics tools which will separate net traffic associated with pretend websites and permits you to form authentic and secure reports.

4 Pingdom
Pingdom is one of Salesforce’s knowledge Analytics tools that will establish and eliminate latency problems for prompt analysis. This tool additionally helps you with statistics to form higher selections in boosting your businesses.

5 Woopra
Woopra is another fascinating analytics tool that accustomed perform comparative analytics of client knowledge. This helps in getting insights from every single step of the user to map them for analysis.

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