Bharati:OneWeb::ISRO: NSIL – To launch satellite from India


OneWeb is going to be the first private firm to initiate the launching of a satellite from the Indian subcontinent.   

$500 million was invested by Bharati Enterprise Ltd. Into OneWeb in 2020. This arrangement was pulled off in collaboration with the UK government.  

New Space India Limited or NSIL is the commercial wing of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The company intends to utilize the available scientific tools and technology related to space science for commercial purposes.   

OneWeb and New Space India Limited join their hands together to launch satellites from India.  

PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) and GSLV-MkIII (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) which was built by India will serve as good platforms to launch its satellites. This arrangement was made by an LOI (Letter of Intent) between OneWeb and NSIL.  

The LOI was disclosed at the launch of ISpA (Indian Space Association) in the presence of PM Narendra Modi. ISpA is a private industry body to boost space technology.   

The Prime Minister interacted with space industry representatives and laid out the four pillars of space technology.   

  1. Private sectors should have the freedom to innovate.  
  1. Government’s role as an enabler and not just as a handler.  
  1. Preparing youth for the future.  
  1. Treat the space sector as a resource for the progression of the common man.  

OneWeb intends to give cheap wireless internet services anywhere in the globe. 322 satellites of OneWeb adorn space as of now.  

Low orbit satellites work between 500 km and 2000 km above the Earth’s atmosphere.  

The low orbit satellites of OneWeb could work as a cellular tower but in the sky. For instance, Jio has ample money to put up thousands of towers in the land to cover a certain area. Airtel can’t do it, but with the help of a few satellites, they can cover the same area.  

A space-based communication network is the next frontier.  

Currently, only 2 percent of the global space economy is owned by India.  

Almost half the entire human population is still not connected.  

High-speed and low latency broadband access are a dream for many poor and rural people. OneWeb can reach them and solve the emerging digital divide. 

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