Bisleri drops ‘Mountain’ variant, increase price from Rs. 15 to Rs. 18 for 1 lt


Dec 25, 2012: Bisleri International promoted by Ramesh Chauhan and its brand Bisleri synonymous with mineral water has decided to drop its ‘Mountain’ variant. Bisleri Mountain which carried the tag line ‘sourced from Himalayas’ was involved in a legal tangle for quite some time. Tatas had filed a case against Bisleri for using a generic name, Himalaya. Bisleri had launched this product five years ago and it was intended for export market. Bisleri has also shifted its creative agency to Meridian. Earlier it was Red Lion. The company will continue to sell its other brands i.e. Regular Bisleri and new natural mineral water brand ‘Vedica’. Vedica still carries the tagline ‘Sourced from Himalayas’. Bisleri recently launched a new campaign ‘Kiss to Drink’ and has increased its prices of 1 lt bottles from Rs. 15 to Rs. 18.


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