Branch and Medium, the new online Social Products


Ev Williams and Biz Stone, the co-founders of Twitter have recently launched new online sharing websites Medium and Branch. Medium is a publishing platform, whereas Branch is a Web based discussion site.

Through Medium, users can submit text and photos into their collections that can be viewed and edited by the public. The usage of this website is easy and elegant, created especially for users hunting for simpler ways to post notifications on the Internet.

Other than this, Medium highlights the best rated posts to the top of the page. This as a result will enable users to get the best quality information on every search made. Additionally, people having twitter accounts have access to read and give feedbacks on Medium.

Branch was built by Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal with Williams and Stone serving as advisors of Branch. In a blog conversation about Branch, Miller said that the company through this product is looking to built relationship between online users. Branch allows users to pick from the list of users of their choice from the ones available online. In addition to this, the product would prevent any discussion that turns into a web noise.

As of now, the Branch topics range from music to ideas, and election to iOS designs. For users striving to join Branch, the website gives access to choose any interesting branch of available online users. The user can then ask someone to add them into the conversation, using ‘Ask to join’ button given at the bottom.



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