Brand Collaborations


The days of completely relying on word-of-mouth to promote movies and combining shiny, sometimes sticky posters of smiling heroines in front of the theater are over. Bollywood has come a long way in advertising movies.

From movie posters published on social media to the launch of teasers and trailers to movie star songs, there are multi-step strategies to stay in fashion long before the movie is released. Releases and appearances of various TV programs.

One of the most anticipated movies these days, `83`, responded to the fuss that grew around him. The film, which tells the story of Kapil’s devilish vulnerable, who won a historic victory at the World Cricket Championships in Igiris in 1983, defeated the Indians.

Critics praised Ranveer Singh for the best performance of his career as Indian captain Kapil Dev at the time. It’s only natural to see how many brands are associated with “83”.

For border branding, in-film partnerships, and out-of-movie placements, the film has more than 35, including Tooth, which has a joint branding agreement with the film, and Nestle, Rupa, and Finolex, which have in-film placements, includes brand.

Sandeep Goyal, Managing Director of Rediffusion commented on multiple branding of the film: There is no problem if it is arranged correctly and subtly. However, in `83`, some border panels show brands that may not exist at the time.

Such digressions can be avoided! Indrajeet Mookherjee, Managing Partner of dent MB India, explains: “The power of Bollywood in India cannot be denied. It is a real passion in India and partnership with films can skyrocket a brand`s awareness overnight.

Adding more on consumer targeting techniques positively contributing to brands, he said that in films, advertising has emerged as a successful avenue to gain eyeballs from consumers.

“In an over-communicated society, the main purpose of developing new advertising technology through the brand is to eliminate confusion and establish a position in human consciousness, but the memory of the brand is the movie.

Over time, brand associations have evolved from simple visual frames to the characters that use the product and their placement as part of the movie’s most popular songs. How creatively you are placed determines your awareness and creates a positive brand trend, “Mookherjee added.

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