Brand Research Update: Axe slips to third spot after Fogg and Park Avenue


May 26, 2014: Hindustan Unilever which made a tactical shift in its brand communication for Axe brand deodorants is now struggling in the market with little over 6 per cent market share. In March Quarter 2013, Axe had a market share of 10 per cent. Axe which was occupying the number one position till 2013 lost this position to Fogg and now it has slipped to third position and it is at the same level as brands like Wild Stone. Fogg which continue to hold the number one position dominates the deodorant market with 17 per cent market share.

Hindustan Unilever which till now was promoting Axe as a chick magnet brand targeting youngsters is now looking to change its brand communication strategy. Experts believe that the angels falling from skies ads have really not connected with the target audience and are doing more damage than good when compared to the ‘dark temptation’ campaign which it ran a few years ago. When Axe followed the strategy of girls drooling over guys sort of ad, Fogg was communicating about the number of sprays it guarantees. Fogg communicated about the functionality of the product and was able to penetrate into smaller towns and cities of India.

In the last two years different deodorant brands have taken a different route and not trying out the tried and tested formula. According to data from Nielsen which was reported by TOI, Raymond group’s Park Avenue occupies the second position after Fogg with value share of about 8 per cent.


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