Brands come up with varieties of sanitisers in market


The demand for various types of sanitizers increased since the spread of Coronavirus. Consumers opted for sanitizers to kill germs in their hands and improve safe handwashing practices. Then there was this need for surface disinfectants to ensure that the germs are killed from parcels, door handles and other regularly touched areas. To ensure that the fruits and vegetables one consumes are free of germs, Marico and ITC (among other brands) have launched cleaning products recently.

A further addition to the ‘germ-killing’ arsenal of the consumer is the laundry detergent, initially, it was noticed a version of Dettol’s product came up on Amazon, and then an ad for the same by competitor brand Lifebuoy.

Rajesh Gangwani, a branding and communication consultant, remembers that nappies were often washed in a capful of Dettol disinfectant liquid when his children were born. Besides, detergent washing and Dettol or Savlon disinfecting is usually seen as two different methods.

The connotation was that people were getting additional security. This is related to other items today that claim that they provide you additional immunity, as there is a clear necessity to consider taking care of oneself and defend from the inside.

The former adman (working with J Walter Thompson with over 27 years of industry experience) adds that almost all people agree that they don’t have much influence over what’s going on outside, but disinfecting inside the home is the most they can do. He likes the laundry sanitiser launch and considers it as a ‘smart move’

Gangwani also stated, before this pandemic, consumers never thought of using fruit and vegetable cleaner. To ensure that the vegetables were disinfected, people are used to using solutions such as potassium permanganate. But now large brands such as ITC and Marico have launched commodity washes and people tend to use them more.

Gangwani believes that the launch of such items is symptomatic of how a customer believes they should take special care of themselves.

Today, people have become so aware of what they are doing that if I were to add another step to the laundry method and assert that this kills germs, then consumers would consider this choice as they are unaware of where the virus is, how long it lives on objects, including fabrics, etc,” Gangwani says.


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