Break-through technology in AI processor for Edge Devices challenges Google and Intel


Hailo is a Tel Aviv-based start-up of Israel that was founded in 2017 by the Israel Defense Forces’ elite technology unit.  It has rapidly grown its reputation for high performance AI chips. The company declared $60 million series B funding about half a year back. The cause of funding was stated for its new AI chips and delivered on their promise. Today it announced M.2 and Mini PCle high-AI acceleration module launch.  It is used in edge devices for almost everything from smart cities & smart home solutions to industrial applications.

The importance of AI in edge devices is well understood by manufacturers. If they want to remain in the competition, then they need to have AI-based solutions. Hailo-8 chips are cost-efficient, innovative, and powerful with shorter time to market. It does not exceed thermal constraints as well.

TensorFlow and ONNX frameworks can still be used to build the models. And the rest will be handled by Hailo’s Dataflow compiler. The unique feature of Hailo-8 chips is it can adapt to the running neural network’s need automatically.

Hailo is confident to compare its solution to the big players like Google, Intel, and NVidia. Hailo claims its edge modules with 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) and 3 TOPS/W power efficiency can analyze significantly more frames per second while being more energy-efficient than modules like Intel’s Myriad-X and Google’s Edge TPU.

Foxconn is a Taiwanese electronic contract manufacturer and the third largest technology company by revenue. It is integrating with the M.2 module into its “BOXiedge” edge computing platform. Foxconn does not need to do any rework as the M.2 module is a standard solution. After the integration with the Hailo-8 M.2 solution, 20 camera streams can be processed at the same time by edge computing servers.

Dr. Gene Liu, VP of Semiconductor Subgroup at Foxconn Technology Group believes that High-performance, efficient Hailo- 8 AI chip along with Hailo’s M.2 and Mini PCIe modules can enhance the adaptation of advanced technologies into many rapidly evolving industries, leading the world into a new generation of low power, high performance, and smarter AI-based solutions.


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