Bringing Superheroes to Indian homes



~ The Indian toymaker releases DC superhero puzzle and business boardgames in their latest collection~

Mumbai, 9th November 2021: Funskool India Ltd., India’s leading toy manufacturer adds new games, toys, and puzzles to their product catalogue, ahead of the gifting season. The latest additions include superhero puzzles of famous DC characters and intriguing business board games for pre-schoolers and grade-schoolers.

The exclusive releases from Funskool brands like Handycrafts, Fundough, Play n Learn and Giggles are internationally acclaimed for being instrumental in the positive development of a child’s mental growth. Who better understands the need for ‘edutainment’ for kids today, than India’s largest domestic toy company, Funskool India, which brings to you an exciting and unique range of toys this festive season!

  1. The Superhero Finger Painting and Justice League – Mould and Paint, creative productsfrom Handycrafts provide kids with a great opportunity to learn about colours while also building their motor skills and creativity.
  • The DC Puzzle and Tom n Jerry Lemon Squash from Play n Learn are designed to help kids develop easy hand-eye coordination and enhance logical thinking. The popular characters from famous movies and favourite cartoons will enable children of all ages to relate and create moments of joy and laughter.
  • Introducing kids to the concept of fair trade, strategy, and negotiation, Funskool India also presents their latest business board game, Business – The Gold Quest, where the player can buy, sell, and trade Indian and overseas companies across a game board.
  • Kids can also enjoy their favourite cuisine and become an aspiring restaurateur expanding their empire through smart business by playing Funskool’ s Belly Battle.
Finger Painting – Superheroes499
Justice League – Mould and Paint499
DC Puzzle249
Tom n Jerry Lemon Squash249
Tom n Jerry Chase499
Business Game – The Gold Quest599
Belly Battle599

Keep your little ones engaged and entertained throughout this festive season with the perfect toys and gifts from Funskool India’s latest collection!