BSE StAR MF contributes Net Equity Inflow of 47% and New SIP registration of 53% to Industry in October 2022


India, November 11, 2022: Continuing its stellar performance, BSE StAR MF, India’s largest Exchange Mutual Funds Distribution platform contributed Net Equity Inflow of 47% that is Rs. 4,397 Cr as compared to industry’s Net Equity Inflow of Rs. 9,390 Cr in October 2022.

BSE StAR MF, achieved its highest monthly record of 2.10 Cr transactions in October 2022 as against its previous high of 2.08 Cr transactions in September 2022.

BSE StAR MF processed a record 34.29 lakh transactions on 10th October 2022 versus its previous record of 32.48 lakh transactions (on 12th September 2022).

BSE StAR MF also contributed to 10.49 lakh new SIP registrations achieving 53% of industry’s New SIP registration of 19.73 lakhs in October 2022. Every second SIP being added to the industry is through BSE StAR MF platform.

Overall, BSE StAR MF has achieved a growth of 76% in transactions over the previous FY 22. It has achieved 13.96 Cr. transactions in FY 23 of the 18.47 Cr. transactions in FY 22.

Some of the Key Highlights are:


·         2.10 Cr for Oct’22 compared to 2.08 Cr for Sep’22, an increase by 1%

·         2.10 Cr for Oct’22 as compared to 1.60 Cr for Oct’21, a significant increase by 31%.

·         5.91 cr transactions during Q2 FY 22-23 as compared to 4.26 Cr during Q2 FY 21-22, a growth of 36% 

Net Equity Inflow:

·         Rs. 4,397 Cr for Oct 22 compared to Rs 5,745 Cr for Sep’22.

·         Rs. 4,397 Cr for Oct’22 compared to Rs. 7,914 Cr for Oct’21.

·         Net Equity inflow during Q2 FY 22-23 is Rs. 14,937 Cr compared to Rs. 21,524 Cr for Q2 FY 21-22.

SIP Book Size:

The platform registered 10.49 lakh new SIPs of value Rs 254.37 Cr. for Oct’22 compared to 11.56 lakh new SIPs of value Rs 295 Cr.


·         Rs. 27,819 Cr for Oct ‘22 compared to Rs. 35,271 Cr. for Sep ’22.

·         Rs. 27,819 Cr., for Oct ‘22 compared to Rs. 35,451 Cr. for Oct ’21.

·         The Turnover for Q2 FY 22-23 was Rs. 98,302 Cr as compared to Rs. 1,10,045 Cr for Q2 FY 21-22.


BSE StAR MF Distributor network has seen multi-fold increase to 73,719 distributors (as on October 2022).

BSE StAR MF mobile App (StAR MF Mobility):

Distributors have processed over 86.14 lakh transactions through the BSE StAR MF mobile app since its launch, of value Rs. 24,555 Cr as on Oct’22. The mobile app was launched to help Mutual Fund Distributors register clients on real-time basis and execute paperless transactions.