Burger King Is Celebrating Christmas Now, Because 2020 Needs to Be Over


Burger King is celebrating Christmas in July because, like many folks, they need to have enough of 2020 and the year would just be over by now. 

Let’s face it, 2020 has not been very kind thus far. The Corona virus pandemic has taken its toll on the planet and lots of folks would agree things would just be better if 2020 was to be over and through with.

And they think the pandemic-weary public could also be able to play along.

Today, the fast-food brand unveils a Christmas in July promo, transforming its social media channels, and therefore, the BK app with carols and various elfin images and accouterments that might appeal to even the grinchiest among us.

With the continued global health crisis, and a high unemployment rate, many consumers are wondering when things will improve and a brand-new normal will emerge. The ad also tries to supply hope by reminding viewers that things change.

The campaign also sees Burger King supporting social media platforms like Facebook, where creative for the Christmas themed campaign appears. This comes when many big brands have pulled back on social media advertising either as a part of a widespread boycott or more quietly, this McDonald’s is doing in an effort to pressure these platforms to try to do more to curb hate speech, and therefore, the spread of misinformation.

The campaign is one among the primary efforts from the chain since it hired Ellie Doty as its first-ever North America CMO last month. Doty came to Burger King from Chili’s, where she spent two years as VP of marketing and was then promoted to CMO. She is understood for a data-driven approach and for strengthening the brand’s value proposition by offering value-oriented menu items.

There’s a related to food offer—we’d call it a present, but it’s not free—that lets consumers mix and match two menu items just like the Whopper and Chicken Fries for $5.

And as a part of the stunt, the chain has adorned one among its locations with icicle lights, snowflake ornaments, giant colorful trees and red-ribboned wreaths.

With fake snow falling and employees wearing Santa hats, consumers talk about 2020 for a video from agency David’s Sao Paulo and Miami teams that accompany the campaign.

Another recent effort from Burger King saw the chain explaining the negative environmental impact of cow farts in an academic video promoting a brand-new Whopper that’s sourced from cows fed a diet designed to lower their methane emissions.

The spot opens with the understatement of the century: “2020 have been a challenging year,” and flows into relatable commentary from passersby at the brilliant and festive restaurant.

“This year has got to end,” says one mask wearing guy. “2020 no good!”

BK says it’s “doing our part to wrap it up early” with its idyllic peek into the vacations and its discounted twofer combos, though fast-forwarding past subsequent four months won’t solve the world’s ills. But, anyway, it’s nice to dream.


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