Business Process Management in a Social Mode


The world is marching into a digital space and social networks are a part of modern digital life. People engaged in social media are now a days called as Facebookers, tweeters etc. People are plugged into the internet a major part of the day and in a lot of ways than one could imagine.  This rapid development of online communication mode has come as a bonanza for marketing companies and ad-companies that see social media as a fertile ground to improve businesses. It a useful strategy to market product and service offerings through Social Networks as it offers something more than business advertisements. Not only marketers but even American President, Barrack Obama used social networking platforms to reach young audience during his Presidential campaign and his success is a standing-proof of social media effectiveness.

Business Process Management can also be done using Social Media, but right now BPM looks like it has its own industry or ecosystem and social media seems like it has its own enterprise. Both have their own space but a merger of the both could reap benefits. When stepping into the social platform it is important to get it right. Activities in a business should be thoroughly defined. BPM works on the process of modeling and automating workflows. Attaching a social media tag to the BPM industry helps to know how well one performs. The employees need to be familiar with the app to work efficiently. Integration of social media with BPM is going to change the way workers interact with their customers and the new generation employees are certainly going to expect a high level of interactivity. Putting into effect the idea of social business process makes a lot of sense, both in the personal and productivity spheres. Processes just take minutes to gives its end result with social media in play. This earlier took weeks or months to communicate and socialize with people and make decisions.

When all these show the greener side of integrating BPM industry with social media, there are also dark patches in the move. The social layers also create troubles to the industry. There are chances of contractors downloading a firm’s new integrated front end modeled on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn from an app store. Communicating with the customers over the social networks might create a complicated web of interactions compared to the traditional practices. Hence it is always advisable to adopt traditional way of business along with incorporating new business tools.


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