Canara HSBC Life Insurance Unveils Digital Campaign Spotlighting iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus

“Fulfilling Financial Aspirations, Securing Milestones: Essence of the campaign”
Canara HSBC Life Insurance in one of the their latest digital campaign, has launched three different videos over dedicated social media platforms of the Company, showcasing the significant features of the Company’s latest digital offering, “iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus”. Designed to address a spectrum of financial requirements, the non-linked non-participating individual savings life insurance plan ensures a secure future for loved ones and the campaign showcases emotional narratives through different life situations. 
“iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus” provides essential life coverage and guaranteed benefits to protect customer’s financial well-being at every stage of life. The product is designed to adapt as per your changing milestones, ensuring your financial goals are achieved within given time. With tailored options providing essential coverage and guaranteed benefits, including returns on your investment, it offers peace of mind. Whether you choose stability, coverage for day-to-day expenses with a full refund of premiums, or immediate financial support, the future remains secure. Reflecting Canara HSBC Life Insurance’s unwavering dedication to securing the financial well-being of their customers across life’s diverse stages, the plan is tailored to fulfill the financial aspirations and milestones of policyholders.
Mr. Rishi Mathur, Chief Distribution Officer – Alternate Channels and Chief Strategy Officer, Canara HSBC Life Insurance states, “Through our new digital campaign, We aim to portray various life scenarios, illustrating the importance of building a financial plan to fulfil one’s bigger promises and aspirations. iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus which is our newest non-par product offering superior guaranteed returns and a well thought financial tool which provides assured returns and income while safeguarding our customers’ financial wellbeing. The key insight here is one needs a plan that helps prepare you for meeting the bigger promises made to your family, and managing whatever adversities life throws at you.”
The campaign includes three engaging videos portraying different life stories and narrations, featuring – an old couple, a father-daughter duo, and a young couple – discussing their dreams and aspirations of how it can be fulfilled with an optimal financial plan. The narratives are directed to resonate with the viewers as the protagonists articulate how smart investment choices in iSelect Guaranteed Future Plus not only safeguard their financial future but also paves the way for fulfillment of dreams and responsibilities.  With a hint of humor, the stories illustrate how the product, at the right time, could become a catalyst for customers to give shape to their dreams and passions. The campaign offers insights into the importance of making thoughtful investments for a better future planning, emphasizing the brand’s commitment of being a trusted partner in an individual’s financial planning journey.
With a steadfast commitment to delivering financial solutions that resonate with the evolving needs of its customers, Canara HSBC Life Insurance continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the insurance industry.